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Katie Humes BSc (Hons). MSc (Dist).

Business Psychologist

Core Strengths: Fair, Networker and Genuine.

Katie has worked within multiple industries, including the NHS, not-for-profit organisations, the airline industry and others. She has worked on a variety of consulting projects with Zircon, from developing team building tools and training packages, to designing and delivering assessment centres and leadership development programmes. Katie also delivers coaching and 360 feedback. Katie has worked with varied clients across a wide range of industries, including Samsung, HSBC, PRS for Music, EEAST, Travis Perkins, Royal London and others.

Katie’s interests include training, leadership development, assessment, leadership coaching and team building. She enjoys the fantastic variety of projects within her role at Zircon and approaches each project with enthusiasm and creativity.

Katie graduated from her MSc Occupational Psychology with an academic excellence award, due to gaining the highest grades in her cohort. She maintains strong interest in ongoing research and brings an evidence-based approach to her work.

Katie has gained both Level A and Level B certificates in Occupational Testing, meaning she is a qualified test user for both aptitude and personality tools. She is accredited in the use of Strengths Insight, Culture Fit, Decision Styles, Winning Attitude, Wave, Wave 360, COAST and the full Hogan suite.

Testimonial: “Team Insights has helped us at Royal London better understand the existing culture within teams their strengths and where to develop. It has helped us create a climate for open dialogue, so we can understand how well we align with our values, how our teams perform together and how we interact. Thank you to Katie and the team for making this happen” Jennifer Rhule, Head of OD, Royal London

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Email address: katie.bissell@zircon-mc.co.uk

LinkedIn Profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/katie-bissell-8a83a62a

UK, Netherlands and USA
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