Our Values

As a team we used the BeTalent Value card sort exercise http://betalent.com/ to identify our core values.


Our top five values include:


At Zircon, we believe every individual is talented and as such, we aim to recognise and cultivate these unique skills and strengths. Input from others’ is invaluable to us and we encourage this by appreciating and celebrating team and individual successes.


We have and uphold high moral principles in our dealings externally and internally. We value credibility and we honour our commitments, maintaining consistency in all business affairs.


Zircon was built and expanded through continuous vision and action. We operate an environment where imagination and fresh ideas are encouraged and pursued, which allows us to advance positively.


At Zircon, we pride ourselves in delivering top-notch service. We are proud of what we stand for as an organisation and we trust our team to provide service in-keeping with our high standards.


Personal and professional development is important to us here at Zircon, which is why there are a wide range of opportunities to develop skills and strengths within the organisation. We are always willing to provide support and feedback to one another where needed, and encourage our team and clients to take responsibility for their development.



UK, Netherlands and USA
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