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Dirk Murray-Palm MSc, Business Psychologist

Core Strengths: Risk Taker, Positive and Influential.

Dirk has worked as an Organisational Psychologist in a variety of public and private sector organisations, and has extensive experience of working with clients at all levels and across different cultures. He has led on designing and delivering assessments for selection and development for several years. Dirk has designed and delivered training courses in English and his native German, mainly in the area of management development, behavioural change, psychometrics, group management and interviewer/assessor training. His technical skills include carrying out evaluations of recruitment processes and psychometric tools. His analytical skills are paired with effective use of statistical analysis for validation and market/customer analysis. Dirk’s interests range from supporting development and change processes on an organisational level over facilitating individual learning and development to delivering cognitive assessments, psychometrics and stakeholder and project management.

Dirk holds a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Occupational Psychology. He has BPS Certificates in Occupational Testing, Ability and Personality and is trained to use a number of psychometric personality tests including: Strengths, Insight, Culture Fit, Decision Styles, SHL OPQ 32, Talent Q Dimensions, Hogan Development Survey, Hogan Personality Inventory, Wave, NEO-PIR, Orpheus/Giotto and EBW.

Testimonial: “Dirk is a fantastic member of the team, he is a great Psychologist, has brilliant technical ability which gives him credibility with clients. He also has high integrity and will always deliver to the best of his ability. Dirk will always be there to help when things get tough and is not afraid to give feedback when it is due”. Dr Amanda Potter, CEO, Zircon and BeTalent

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Email address: Dirk.Palm@zircon-mc.co.uk

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UK, Netherlands and USA
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